Company / History

Beginning in the 1920s, Klear Vu Corporation has been a leading manufacturer in the US.



“At Klear Vu, it's all about teamwork: with our retail partners and suppliers, as well as our factory in Fall River, Massachusetts and team in New York City, we work together to exceed expectations”

— Bob Cooper, President



1924 - present

Incorporated in Brooklyn, NY
Manufactured clear vinyl garment bags, table cloths, shoe storage bags, bowl covers and rubber baby pants
Relocated to Fall River, MA
Continued to cut and sew, but shifted focus to fabrics, manufacturing table linens and chair pads
Patented The Gripper® chair pad and registered the trademark
Introduced The Gripper® to the market place
Developed Spill Guard® technology based on customer requests for stain-resistant fabric
Launched a new line of chair pads with Delightfil®, an innovative, lower profile, comfortable fill
Present Day 
Manufacture chair pads, rocker sets, bench pads, bar stool covers, decorative pillows and other products in our Fall River factory
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